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Cindy Wadsworth
Hallandale Elementary, FL

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Tips and Ideas for Managing Your Time

Do you have a time management tip that has helped you and would like to share it with us? E-mail your organizing tip along with your name, city, and state. My tip is...

Look ahead and back. Start and end your day with a 5-10 minute planning session. If you don't record your thoughts, it won't be a tool you can use.

Work the numbers. As you look at your list of tasks for tomorrow, determine priorities. Mark all must-do's with an A, any should's get a B and things you want done rate a C. Now number each category by importance.

Identify time bandits. If you lose time with unexpected interruptions, side trips and Internet searches, either build more time into your planned schedule or make time elsewhere for them if they become essential for you.

Arrive early. The stress of lateness takes a huge toll. When you make this a habit, you can cut down on lines, get a few phone calls made or mentally prepare for your appointment.

Make others aware. It is OK for you to tell others when you are available for them and when you are not. Post a schedule or tell them in person then stuck to your plan.

Use electronic devices wisely. Be sure they actually shave time from your day and help you stay in control. If you spend minutes fixing errors, figuring things out or playing the included games, it is not a good time investment.

Evaluate often. Whenever you need to, ask yourself honestly, "Is this the best use of my time right now?" If it isn't, take proper action.

Communicate well. We waste so much time due to poor communication skills. A thing well said cuts through long explanations and demonstrates that you value the time of others as well.

Do small stuff. When you get stuck, do the little things that add up over time to get your juices going again. The small satisfactions can lead us to going for the larger ones that loom ahead without stress.

Meet weekly. Schedule a time each week to have a meeting with your self. Use the time to set goals, order priorities and lay out your schedule to support what is important to you.

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