I was very pleased with the job you did organizing my daughter's room. It was so helpful the way you were able to condense and give a home to all her toys. It has made it much easier for my little girl to play in her room, and then put everything away. I would positively tell anyone to use your services!
Betty Pasquale
Wellington, FL

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Tips and Ideas for Organizing Your Home

Do you have a home organizing tip that has helped you and would like to share it with us? E-mail your organizing tip along with your name, city, and state. My tip is...

Label and forget it. Once you categorize your possessions in an area, label it clearly so others can support your efforts and you don't have to give it another moment of thought.

See the light. Whenever possible, store things in clear or see through containers. Being able to see in cuts down on frantic searching or worrying about where you put an important thing.

Hang it up. Get some coffee mug holders to put in the bathroom for your most worn jewelry. These are inexpensive at home stores and downright cheap at yard sales.

Get cornered. Use small corner shelves to store a few items that you need handy. They tuck into the most surprising places and come in all styles and prices.

Visit sales. Periodically check out a craft show or yard sale with storage ideas in mind. You might find just the thing you were looking for that is also vintage or unique.

Move it around. When unloading the dishwasher, move the silverware basket to the drawer it is housed in. Many steps and a sore back are averted in this way.

Say no to hand washing. Make it a habit of only hand washing those items that must not be machine-washed. Your time is more important.

Work that dishwasher. There are many household items that can be safely and easily washed by hand. Some small trash cans, vases, dish brushes, and many items you probably never considered could be sparkling without the fuss!

Assemble all tools beforehand. For any task you will need certain items. Do not begin a task expecting to get a tool as you need it. This makes the job take longer and increases the possibility of interruptions in workflow.

Divide and conquer. When cleaning, break rooms into four quadrants. Clean everything in one quadrant before progressing clockwise to the next.

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