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Organizing Your Supply Cabinet is as Easy as One, Two, Three.
By Dawn Roth

Where do you keep all the supplies you need to run your office? Do you find yourself buying more just to avoid the searching?

If you do, it's time to get to the bottom of your supplies, but not to worry; we have a plan.

Empty the storage unit onto a table or counter.
As things come out, sort all the like items together so you can see what you have.

Designate what items will go on which shelves.
Invest in some space saving products that house things in compartments (try Eldon products at a good price)
If you keep anything in its container, keep one open for easy retrieval.

Label the shelves or container cubbies so anyone can find or put away supplies.
Take an inventory of what you have and create a word processing document listing these things.
Post it inside the door and circle items, as they get low.
Use the list as a shopping guide and print a new one to post.

Presto! You have a neat, orderly way to store and use the things you need in the office and keep inventory stocked. Easy as one, two, three!


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